How am I billed?

All clients are billed weekly with our Auto Pay program or monthly at this time unless the cleaning is a 1 time/Party cleanup.  We bill per visit.

When are payments due?

Invoices are sent via email in most cases unless a paper invoice is requested.  Invoices will be sent prior to service and due upon receipt unless other payment arrangements have been made.   Invoices must be paid before service is started.  Renewal invoices will be sent a week before the last service day.   If a special is chosen for services, invoice will be sent a week before the end of the special so it can be renewed, payment will then be due.

We accept most major credit cards, cash or check.

Checks can be mailed to:

Pet Doodie

3001 S Hardin Blvd Ste 110 #168, McKinney, TX 75070

Is there a contract to sign up?

No.  There is no contract needed for us to start clean ups.   We can get everything started  on our website or over the phone.  The service can be cancelled at any time as well but we are so confident you will like having the service of a clean yard, you will have it done for many years to come.  We must receive a 3 day notice to stop service or you will billed your normal rate.

*There will be an Initial clean up fee based on how many dogs you have for the first visit only unless you choose to sign up for the current specials and the invoice is paid in full.  If a special is selected, the initial clean up fee will be waived.

Can you clean up with dogs in the yard?

Yes.  We can still do a clean up with the dog or dogs in the yard but if your dog is aggressive towards strangers we do ask for the dog to be restrained or put away on the day of clean up so there is no risk involved.

Do you make it out during bad weather?

During rainfall, lightning, snow and ice, we will be unable to provide our service during that time.  We will try our best to make it out during the week to complete the clean up.  No credit is given as there will be twice the doodie when we make it out on the normal schedule.

Is Pet Doodie Insured?

Absolutely.  We do carry the proper liability insurance.


What takes place during clean up?

Keep in mind that all our tools are sanitized after every visit to a clients house, this will prevent from cross contamination.

We will then begin the clean up process in the yard and make sure that we get every possible bit of the doodie*.  We also remove the waste from your premises.

How often do you come out?

While most clients go for the weekly clean up, depending on how many dog's you may have, you may require the option of 2 or 3 times per week.  We will come according to your desired clean up schedule, which there are several offered